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Directions to the SandBAR at the Silos, Montgomery AL Riverfront

How to we get to the SandBAR.

Walk through the tunnel at the end of Commerce Street.

When you come out of tunnel, look back. It should look like this:

Now go immediately up the brick steps on the east side of the tunnel. The side to your right as you were walking down the tunnel. See the silos up on the hill? "SandBAR at the Silos"?

At the top you will be at the SandBAR.

Or if you like, you can go the long way around:

You will be rewarded for your walk with this western view:

And this view to the north by east:

Beers are $4. Mixed drinks $? Music some nights.

No Wine. No food.

MPD on bike patrol in the area makes it feel safe and secure.

Signs say no food or drink can be brought in, but we hear a pizza got ordered in one night.

No webpage but here's the Link to SandBAR at the Silos facebook page.

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