Easy Change Out 1996-1998 4Runner Cup Holder

When the cup holder broke after 18 years, I bought a new one on ebay. The change out is easy.

The only thing that holds the cupholder in the dash is a track and two tabs.

To get the cupholder out of the dash you need only to depress the tabs and it will slide all the way out on the track.

You need a couple of shims to depress the tabs so that the old cup holder will slide out.

Pull the cupholder part of the way out and insert your shims. It helps if they are tapered a bit.

It will feel tight but only a little pull should bring it right out.

Use the same shims to depress the tabs to reinsert the new cup holder in the track.

Five minutes tops.

There is no need to remove the dash!

Shims in place for removal or reinsertion.

Done. Hope this helps you.








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